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  • Roasted Salted Almond Large (Badam)

Roasted Salted Almond Large (Badam)

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Gross Weight: 0.3 Kg.
Roasted Salted Almond Large (Badam) Agri Product of USA
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Experience the delectable delight of Roasted Salted Large Almonds (Badam) at American Dry Fruits! Elevate your snacking experience with these premium almond nuts, perfected through roasting and sprinkled with just the right touch of salt. Indulge in the rich, nutty flavor of these superior quality almonds, harmonizing health and taste in every bite. Curious about almond 500 gm price? Our unbeatable rates bring you the best value. These Indian almonds are a testament to top-notch quality, delivering unparalleled taste and nutritional benefits. Explore the perfect combination of almonds and walnuts at American Dry Fruits, your ultimate destination for nut excellence. Savor the difference today!