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  • Roasted Salted Pista (American)

Roasted Salted Pista (American)

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Gross Weight: 0.3 Kg.
Sp. Meduim Pistas,Agri Product of USA
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Delight in the irresistible Roasted Salted Pista (American), a culinary masterpiece available exclusively at American Dry Fruits! This premium pista dry fruits redefine snacking with their perfect blend of flavor and health benefits. Carefully sourced and expertly roasted, these salted pista seeds offer a satisfying crunch and rich taste. Elevate your palate and wellness with this wholesome choice. Buy Pista dry fruit online and experience the natural richness without compromising on taste. Uncover the world of Pista fruit and indulge in our finest quality selection. Explore the unbeatable value of pista price per kg and savor the essence of roasted salted Pista. Elevate your snacking experience with the luxurious taste of American Dry Fruits.