Special Designer Mithais

  • Special Designer Mithais

    Our range of dry fruit mithais are the peak of indulgence, having pioneered the art of making these highly nutritious & simply delectable. Made from the best dry fruits & traditional Indian spices like Saffron & Cardamom.

  • Dry Fruit Cake

    Yet another blend of dry fruits in the form of a sumptuous mithai.

  • Dry Fruit Designer Mithai Cakes

    Special Dry Fruit Mithai Cake (Indian Sweets) beautifully designed with Pistachio, Almonds and Cashews for special occasions.

  • Dry Fruit Designer Mithai Heart

    Special Dry Fruit Mithai (Indian Sweets) beautifully designed as a Heart made with Pistachio, Almonds and Cashews for people close to your heart.

Low Sugar Mithais

  • Dry Fruit Roast

    A divine mix of almonds, pistachios, cashews, figs & raisins that will surely make one desire for more.

Popular Range of Mithais

  • Popular Range of Mithais

    We have a range of regular mithais, made from the choicest dry fruits & other natural ingredients like milk, saffron & cardamom. These are almost mandatory at all occasions, he it small or be it this festive season.

  • Pista Roll

    A concoction of the finest Iranian pistachios in the form of a mithai.

  • Kaju Katli

    Finest Indian cashews ground to give the thinnest & the ultimate Kaju Katli

  • Kesar Katli

    Finest Indian Cashew grounded with Kesar (saffron) to give the thinnest & the ultimate Kesar Kaju Katli.

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